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Head of Commercial: Wutcharin Thatan

With a strong passion for analytics, business strategy, and planning, Wutcharin Thatan has built a career marked by adaptability and success across various industries, including over a decade of experience in the airline sector.

Driven by his love for aviation and a desire to make a significant impact in the industry, Wutcharin joined Really Cool Airlines, attracted by our innovative approach to air travel and commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. As Head of Commercial, Wutcharin leverages his expertise to drive growth and success for the airline, ensuring the commercial team operates with a data-driven mindset and fosters a culture of collaboration.

Before joining Really Cool Airlines, Wutcharin held the position of Head of Strategic Foresight and Planning at Thairath Group. He also made substantial contributions to Agoda’s growth through various roles in analytics, supply, and product strategy, presenting strategic plans to senior leaders and uncovering new business opportunities. His extensive experience in the airline industry, including roles at Nok Air and Thai Smile Airways, has allowed Wutcharin to develop expertise in commercial, analysis, strategy, and planning.

Wutcharin is a firm believer in continuous learning and growth, always eager to tackle complex challenges and share his knowledge to contribute to the success of organizations and communities. With a Bachelor’s Degree in Industrial Engineering from Chulalongkorn University and an MBA from Stamford International University, Wutcharin’s educational background complements his professional achievements.

As a key member of the Really Cool Airlines team, Wutcharin Thatan is excited to bring the best of his experience and the great culture he has been a part of in previous companies to our airline, helping us soar to new heights in the aviation industry.