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Deputy Head of People: Sontana Narin

With a wealth of experience spanning 30 years, including 16 years in the aviation industry, Sontana Narin brings her passion for people and commitment to fostering a positive and inclusive work culture to our team. Throughout her career, she has held various leadership roles, honing her skills in human resources, learning and development, and organizational development.

Sontana is thrilled to join Really Cool Airlines as a leader in the People Department. She is excited about the company’s innovative approach to air travel and its commitment to delivering exceptional customer experiences. By leveraging her expertise and experience, she aims to build a strong and inclusive work culture where every employee feels empowered to succeed.

Prior to joining Really Cool Airlines, Sontana held various leadership positions in several organizations, including Head of Human Resource and Admin at Laivijit Co., Ltd., Vice President of Learning and Development at Pencil Sharpener Co., Ltd., and Vice President of Commercial and Organization Development at ACCAS Group Co., Ltd. She also held positions as Learning and Development Director, HR Development Director and Assistant to CSO, and HR Director/Manager at Nok Air.

Sontana holds a Master of Science in Human Resource and Organization Development from NIDA and a Bachelor’s Degree in Business Administration from Bangkok University.

As a member of the Really Cool Airlines team, Sontana is committed to the company’s Cool Promise of being a pool of cool people who proudly work and fly RCA towards an innovative future. Her mission is to enroll all generations transparently, empower diversity, and energize with engagement. By working collaboratively with the team, she strives to create a positive and inclusive work culture that drives success and fosters a culture of excellence. Sontana is excited to be a part of Really Cool Airlines, teaming up with other leaders and employees to help the airline soar to new heights.