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Chief Financial Officer: Dr. Chainarin Teerachaiyapat

Introducing Dr. Chainarin Teerachaiyapat: Our Visionary Chief Financial Officer

We are thrilled to have Dr. Chainarin Teerachaiyapat at the financial helm of Really Cool Airlines. With an impressive 38 years of experience, including 11 years in the aviation business, Dr. Chainarin's expertise and strategic financial acumen make him an invaluable asset to our team.

Dr. Chainarin has held key positions in various prestigious organizations, such as Nok Air Public Company Limited, King Power International Group Co., Ltd., and Cathay Leesplan Co., Ltd. His accomplishments extend beyond aviation, as he has also excelled in financial strategic consulting and corporate process improvement with Bizsynergy Co., Ltd., and contributed to the development of SMEs as a consultant on the SME Sustainability Project 2565.

Dr. Chainarin’s strong educational background includes a Doctor of Management from Sripatum University, a Master of Business Administration from Sukhothai Thammathirat University, and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing from Ramkhamhaeng University. His knowledge and experience have also led him to become a qualified lecturer in master’s and doctoral programs.

As our Chief Financial Officer, Dr. Chainarin Teerachaiyapat masterfully guides Really Cool Airlines’ financial strategy, ensuring sustainable growth and a solid foundation for our innovative ventures. His passion for the industry, combined with his vast expertise, makes Dr. Chainarin an indispensable leader on our journey to revolutionize air travel.